Time of Cinders

Many Northern European cultures once referred to the sensitive period of adolescence as the time of the cinders.
During this time children would often take to sitting by the fire all day.
Unmotivated, simply letting the world go by, they would seem to be doing nothing and getting nowhere. Sound familiar to anyone with teenage children? … More Time of Cinders

Poem’s that describe the experience of the Soul

Poet Jane Hirshfield writes …The root of “spirit” is the Latin spirare, to breathe. Whatever lives on the breath, then, must have its spiritual dimension— including all poems.  This spiritual dimension is implicit in all poetry. In some it is also an explicit theme, a landscape in which the poem itself moves and breathes. The three poems … More Poem’s that describe the experience of the Soul

The True Self (the soul) & The False Self (the ego) … some thinking aloud

Photo credit “When we are angry, when we are excited, when we are depressed, when we are elated, we are completely submerged in and identified with those thoughts and feelings. This is why we suffer. We suffer because we are completely identified with our thoughts and feelings and we think this is me. This is … More The True Self (the soul) & The False Self (the ego) … some thinking aloud

The two sides of Empathy

Empathy is considered to be an overwhelmingly positive attribute. It is associated with kindness, compassion and social cohesion. Kids with empathetic parents have well-documented advantages: less depression, less aggression, more empathy themselves. Most psychologists would argue that empathy is a learned behavior rather than an inherent quality. Much like language, there is a threshold for assimilating empathy. Children … More The two sides of Empathy


    Bloom of love Blood Moon Slow waves of light A girl with a balloon A field of poppies Daybreak on the Somme Ink drops Blood shot The loss in every victory won   Red A bounced check Commie flags Suffragettes The sky before And after night A dying star The warm hearth-light   … More Red


    I have always been interested in exploring how external circumstances inform and influence individual identity. Who would we be and how would we behave if our circumstances were different? What impact does our particular  culture, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, childhood experiences and social class have on us? Experiments such as the Stanford Prison Experiment … More Midnight