Over the winter solstice, my young daughter came along with me to a red tent gathering for the first time. As is practice, a wool yarn bracelet was woven between us in acknowledgement of the deep interconnection and interdependence with have with one another and the earth. This bracelet became very special to my daughter and she planned to wear it till the next gathering where she would burn it (as is custom) in the communal fire pit but the bracelet (it’s strands now felted to one piece ) was cut off at school for contravening both uniform rules and health and safely standards. So I gave her my bracelet to keep in her pocket because it is just as much a part of the web as herself was and then I wrote a set of Haiku, like you do.
They took your bracelet
Chink of chain link, thread of web
Pelt of woven warmth
Your wrist, forsaken
Stark-bare as a naked flame
In the midst of rain.
They took your bracelet
The knot of your belonging
The twine and tendril
Of your born longing
You were going to save it
For the sacred fire
Where it would spring back
Into a firebird and leap
As spark from ashes
They took the bracelet
Glowing in the empty cup
Of your day blind hands
And flung it
Far from this world’s grasp
Reclaim it.

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