Sehnsucht – a new poetry collection


I have a new collection of poetry available over at Amazon. The collection is called “Sehnsucht

The poems “Goldmining” and “a song of innocence” were featured at The Poetry Shed And the poem “Shipwrecked” was featured at Rise up Review.




Definition: noun

yearning; wistful longing.

“the inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what.”


They took your bracelet,

Chink of chain link, thread of web,

Pelt of woven warmth.


Your wrist, forsaken,

Stark-bare as a naked flame

In the midst of rain.


They took your bracelet,

The knot of your belonging,

The twine and tendril


Of your born longing.

You were going to save it

For the sacred fire


Where it would spring back

Into a firebird and leap

As spark from ashes.


They took the bracelet

Glowing in the empty cup

Of your day blind hands


And flung it

Far from this world’s grasp.

Reclaim it.




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