The Enlightenment

healing of the blind man Bob Jekel
Healing of the Blind Man – Brain Jekel


It’s okay to still believe.

It’s okay to cup your hand in that ancient stream.

To flex and strive, admit defeat.

It’s alright to yield, to beat

your wings upon a fleeting

sheet of sky.

To sail on still the silent seas.

Leave fallow fields, to go to seed.

To sink roots deep, plunge anchor.

To stare at the stars above with wonder.

To discard unanswerable questions.

Make true and deep and strong your slumber.

It is alright to fight when time to fight.

To bare your knuckles cold and bright

and on the brink, victory in sight,

put up your flag, tender and white.


It’s okay to still believe

Wade out, into those waters steep

and cast your bread and draw your net

upon the other side.


It’s okay to still believe

To pray your way to sweet reprieve.


Surrender to some warming light

When long and dark the dreamless night.







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