I’m a Writer, Reviewer, Poet, Dreamer, Mama of five, inspired by sunlight, hot cups of tea, liminal spaces, nuance, paradox and all the wild, sacred places.

I have written poetry since I can remember. In this wild ride called life, I have been lost and found many times both literally and figurativly but poetry puts down it’s anchor and calls all places home.

Poetry has always been a way to navigate my thoughts and find shore.


My name is Shosannah (Suzy).
We have five girls ages 7 – 21 and we live in a quiet English village.
We currently homeschool the 3 middle girls.
My happy places are my faith, creating art, writing, reading, gardening, taking quiet walks in the woods, tea and cake dates, and cosy days hanging out with my family.
I am a Myers-Briggs INFJ and Enneagram 9 wing 8 for those into personality type tests.
I don’t keep up with strategies or algorithms or conform to any niches.
I use my online life as a way to authentically explore, create, be inspired, inspire, connect, listen and learn.
Generous minds and kind hearts always welcome.
Pleased to meet you!

On these virtual pages, you will find, reviews, reflections and all things poetic and literary.

And the odd ramble perhaps.



Rise Up Review

Sentinel Literary Quarterly

The Poetry Shed