Your wings arch and rise. Beneath such tides the world is silenced.   Observant, the clouds roll back a parchment scribed with prophesy I can’t translate.   Your eye, dart sharp, immaculate, clear as a lake reflecting granite sky. Your dull plumage brims with a universe of stars.   From marble plinth, brink you … More Heron

A Mother

  I carry the restless, unfulfilled desire and the overflowing cup in one hand, a child in the other. I carry the abandonment to sleep, the heaving chest, the heavy eyes, the weight of dreams, on my back.   Blossoms bloom from sepal shaped shackles that still flowing streams. My leaves fall awake in cold … More A Mother


I am breached by the tide by the herd stampede of morning streets the quick dry kiss goodbye   I am breached by thin streams and puddle deep shallows that drown me but keep me treading water   my feet steep hallows and lanes and exchange oily notes on a fixed game   I am … More trade


I visit you with your favourites a fresh cream slice and Hyacinths on a bright Sunday afternoon and you look up from deal or no deal on the telly to greet the lively,  pink bloom I hope it might remind you of the old garden beds you dug over one long gone June. Your eyes … More Mother

Sehnsucht – a new poetry collection

I have a new collection of poetry available over at Amazon. The collection is called “Sehnsucht” The poems “Goldmining” and “a song of innocence” were featured at The Poetry Shed And the poem “Shipwrecked” was featured at Rise up Review.   Sehnsucht   Definition: noun yearning; wistful longing. “the inconsolable longing in the human heart for … More Sehnsucht – a new poetry collection

Write a Poem with me? Write descriptive imagery using Synesthesia to blend senses.

    Autumn   A russet hum of leaves in gold hued gasp, un-link their chain-link grasp, fall to moss green burr and sod.   Above the sky, Elk grey and still as if in exile from a great herd. A strum of geese beneath a chord of cloud, clattering wings pulled bow taut and … More Write a Poem with me? Write descriptive imagery using Synesthesia to blend senses.

How Poets write Poems (perhaps) – and my own writing process

    “The poet, is occupied with frontiers of consciousness beyond which words fail, though meanings still exist.” – T.S. Elliot   Two modes of thinking Perhaps there is no instruction book or check list to be followed. Perhaps poems grow in the dark earth beneath the day light of our alert, problem solving, beta … More How Poets write Poems (perhaps) – and my own writing process


Over the winter solstice, my young daughter came along with me to a red tent gathering for the first time. As is practice, a wool yarn bracelet was woven between us in acknowledgement of the deep interconnection and interdependence with have with one another and the earth. This bracelet became very special to my daughter … More Sehnsucht