Paradox and Truth

In Ursula Le Guin’s book series “The Earthsea Quartet.” The young ‘prentice Sparrowhawk, learns that to become a Mage he must realize the true name of things. In other words he must learn how to “see” the true essence and nature of reality, with clarity. In  old folk tales the archetypal crone named “Baba Yaga the … More Paradox and Truth


Over the winter solstice, my young daughter came along with me to a red tent gathering for the first time. As is practice, a wool yarn bracelet was woven between us in acknowledgement of the deep interconnection and interdependence with have with one another and the earth. This bracelet became very special to my daughter … More Sehnsucht

Folktale and Myth for Modern Times – The Handless Maiden

The Handless Maiden is a European folk tale that I first read in the Jungian analyst Robert Johnson’s wonderful book on the archetypal male and female wounds: “The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden.” It is fascinating to me how relevant these ancient stories are to the contemporary world. Below is the story. There once lived … More Folktale and Myth for Modern Times – The Handless Maiden