Two sides of Nature through poetry

“I have no philosophy, I have senses.” – Fernando Pessoa. With the ever increasing moral relativism of modern life the quote above seems to embody a way of being that is refreshingly unaffected, simple and honest. There is a natural inclination to identify with our more basic instincts when confronted with overwhelming complexity. Although this … More Two sides of Nature through poetry

Autumn and Anarchism

I smell the musky, earthy, damp leaf loam of Autumn. Everything is falling apart a little bit. Everything is becoming a little frayed and undone. The crisp perfection of spring tulips, that once stood to attention along tidy borders like governmental obelisks are crumbling like coliseum pillars. Petals are transparent, leaves brittle and curled. All … More Autumn and Anarchism


I am breached by the tide by the herd stampede of morning streets the quick dry kiss goodbye   I am breached by thin streams and puddle deep shallows that drown me but keep me treading water   my feet steep hallows and lanes and exchange oily notes on a fixed game   I am … More trade


I visit you with your favourites a fresh cream slice and Hyacinths on a bright Sunday afternoon and you look up from deal or no deal on the telly to greet the lively,  pink bloom I hope it might remind you of the old garden beds you dug over one long gone June. Your eyes … More Mother

What is art?

Is art mere faithful representation, an aesthetically pleasing image, a concept, a symbol or something that lifts us out of our ordinary, everyday, problem solving, beta wave consciousness, into our higher mind where we can access the deeper, broader awareness of the metaphysical realm? Go into any homeware store and you will find factory reproduced … More What is art?

Paradox and Truth

In Ursula Le Guin’s book series “The Earthsea Quartet.” The young ‘prentice Sparrowhawk, learns that to become a Mage he must realize the true name of things. In other words he must learn how to “see” the true essence and nature of reality, with clarity. In  old folk tales the archetypal crone named “Baba Yaga the … More Paradox and Truth

John Clare – The nature of humanity and the Sacred in Nature

There is almost no other poet that stirs emotion in me as much as he who was affectionately known as the Peasant Poet, John Clare. Clare’s poetry is infused with a language as textured in tone and hue as the countryside he describes with such unsentimental affection. The jagged rhyming couplets of The Badger drive … More John Clare – The nature of humanity and the Sacred in Nature

Sehnsucht – a new poetry collection

I have a new collection of poetry available over at Amazon. The collection is called “Sehnsucht” The poems “Goldmining” and “a song of innocence” were featured at The Poetry Shed And the poem “Shipwrecked” was featured at Rise up Review.   Sehnsucht   Definition: noun yearning; wistful longing. “the inconsolable longing in the human heart for … More Sehnsucht – a new poetry collection

Write a Poem with me? Write descriptive imagery using Synesthesia to blend senses.

    Autumn   A russet hum of leaves in gold hued gasp, un-link their chain-link grasp, fall to moss green burr and sod.   Above the sky, Elk grey and still as if in exile from a great herd. A strum of geese beneath a chord of cloud, clattering wings pulled bow taut and … More Write a Poem with me? Write descriptive imagery using Synesthesia to blend senses.